At WBPS we provide 24/7/365 UPS emergency monitoring and response services throughout the UK.

UPS emergency response within 24 hours

To have a UPS system working at all times is vital for continuous operation. Therefore, we have set up an emergency telephone line manned by experienced staff. One call to our team 0115 857 2180) and we will help put your UPS system back on line. Our team are skilled in both UPS repairs and diesel generator maintenance, so whichever is the faulty component of the UPS system, our team will have the necessary expertise to work towards a solution. With supply agreements secured with a wide range of UPS manufacturers, our clients can also be confident of receiving a tailored package to both the business and your budget.

UPS systems are a vital part of any business or organization that relies on electronics to function. The UPS system provides backup power in the event of a power outage, ensuring that critical systems can continue to run. This can help to avoid damaging data loss or disruptions to operations. In addition, it can help to protect against power surges, which can damage sensitive equipment. So it can help to reduce the risk of downtime and expensive repairs. For businesses that rely on uninterrupted operations, a UPS system is an essential piece of equipment.

UPS systems do not carry load all the time, but provide power only when other systems fail. Because of this intermittent usage, they can be prone to failure when most needed. The WBPS emergency UPS callout service answers this need. We provide our expert engineers on site when emergency strikes. A UPS emergency response agreement with WBPS removes the risk of relying on UPS which has not been used for some time.

UPS fault-finding, diagnosis and analysis services UK

Fault finding is an important contributor to the proper functioning of UPS systems. By identifying and correcting faults, UPS systems can be kept running smoothly and efficiently.

Additionally, fault finding can help to prevent future UPS failures by addressing potential problems before they become serious.

UPS systems are complex pieces of equipment, and as such, proper fault finding requires both knowledge and experience. At WBPS we break the process down into a few simple steps:

1. Identify the problem. It can be difficult to identify the root cause of a UPS failure. However, there are a few key indicators that can help point you in the right direction. These include repeated failures, unexpected shutdowns, and error messages.

2. Isolate the problem. Once we have identified the general area where the problem is occurring, it is time to isolate it. This may involve disconnecting parts of the system or running diagnostic tests.

3. Correct the problem. Once we have isolated the problem, we can recommend next steps. This may involve making repairs or adjustments to the system, or replacing components that are not working correctly.

4. Verify that the problem has been corrected. Once we have made the necessary corrections, it is important to verify that they have actually fixed the problem. This may involve running tests or monitoring the system for a period of time to make sure that it is functioning correctly.

UPS site surveys

We provide comprehensive on-site surveys to ensure that your UPS system will run smoothly and efficiently when installed.

Our team of expert surveyors will assess the space available and power demands and make recommendations accordingly. We’ll also take into account any future expansion plans you have. With UPS, you can be confident that your business will always have the power it needs to succeed. And with WBPS you have the UK’s most experienced team at your fingertips.

A site survey is usually part of the opening stages of a UPS project and is used to completely understand the requirements of the business. The survey can be used to create a site plan, to guide the UPS design and installation process. Each business will have its own specific requirements and its own backup power needs. The site survey helps us to design and deliver a UPS system that exactly matches the business now and in the future.

Expert UPS commissioning services

UPS systems are a critical part of many businesses’ power infrastructure. They prevent total power outage in power-critical environments such as hospitals, data centres, educational establishments and businesses. Even small power fluctuations can damage sensitive digital equipment. Any UPS commissioning requires attention to detail and an understanding of your business to make the system successful in the long term. Our expertise in UPS commissioning packages means we are unrivalled in providing continual and constant power for our clients.

Not only are our UPS commissioning packages completed to the highest standard and with minimum downtime, we can also provide you with:

  • A complete UPS design service
  • UPS fault analysis
  • Support and 24/7 maintenance contracts
  • Old UPS decommissioning and disposal
  • Battery testing and disposal
  • Relocation of existing UPS
  • UPS service & repair

The commissioning stage of a UPS project involves bringing the system online following installation. In involves initial testing of the hardware and software, load testing, signoff and handover and any appropriate training.


WB Power Services were founded in 1983. As a family business, over the decades we have been at the forefront of the UPS industry, even designing and marketing our own bespoke UPS systems. Due to our experience in this complex market, we have built up an unparalleled reputation for UPS design, installation and commissioning as well as ongoing supplementary services such as monitoring, maintenance, emergency response and repair.


Our range of Kohler & Alberex UPS units offer unrivalled back-up and emergency power. Using high quality components and parts which are all manufactured in Europe, our UPS units have proven time and time again that they are reliable, efficient and offer excellent value for money.


Not only can we follow your pre determined specification, we can also help you write one. With 40 years practical & technical experience, we can design a cost efficient diesel generator installation package.


No matter where you are in the UK, our team are always close at hand. Throughout your diesel generator installation, we will also work with your requirements at the heart of our operations, and will always be on-hand to work with you, every step of the way.


We will work with you to thoroughly understand your requirements.  Working alongside our in-house sales team, we will identify exactly what generator your need. Depending on what your requirement, our projects team can the install and test the UPS for you too.




We are proud to be the Europe’s number one Kohler distributor, and offer a vast selection of high-performance Kohler generators, ranging from around 10kVA, all the way through to 4500kVA. These engines offer outstanding power in a clean, modular design and are ideal for a wide variety of applications and sectors.


Data Centres

We are proud to work with some of the UK’s largest data centres, providing every kind of emergency, standby and backup critical power solution, from individual sets to multi-set synchronous packages totalling over 120MVA.

Our experienced, in-house project management team will work closely with you to install and commission the best critical power solution for your exact needs.

You can rely on us to consider everything, including civil work, transformers, control and switch gear, AMF and synchronous controls, generator sizing and power capabilities, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), acoustic, exhaust gas systems, emissions control and complete fuel solutions.



Reliable power supply is essential for delivering the running water and electricity that families need. So we are proud that utility companies including water companies, electricity companies and gas suppliers across the UK trust us with their power solutions.

Our experienced critical power teams will identify and implement the best power solution for your facility, whether you are bringing a new site online, need additional power for your existing infrastructure, or require emergency generator hire/maintenance. This includes backup, emergency and standby power solutions.

Our services include providing generators for utility companies including sales, hire, installation and maintenance. We are the UK’s largest supplier of Kohler-SDMO generators.



We offer flexible, bespoke power solutions that will help you deliver on budget and on time. Whether your site needs a permanent power solution, hired generators or a trusted maintenance package, we can help.

Our experts understand that when it comes to construction, flexibility is key. Some projects may take longer than others, and some may have higher power requirements. When you choose to work with our in-house teams, you are in safe hands. We listen to you and put your specific requirements at the heart of our work. We will develop a bespoke, flexible solution that fits your ever-changing needs on-site.


Government & Military

We recognise and respect the unique role of our nation’s military services and defence facilities. Our expert in-house team have the depth of knowledge that is needed to design bespoke power and maintenance packages to suit your needs. We will always listen closely to your requirements and take your budget allocation and other demands in to account.

All our solutions take into account your specific sound and space restrictions, and the particular demands of your facility. We offer reliable, cost-effective and efficient power solutions for:

  • Base amenities and facilities
  • Generator hire
  • Generator Installation for electricity and heating
  • Generator maintenance
  • Security systems
  • Testing equipment performance
  • Containerised solutions that attract minimal attention
  • Back-up power supply in case of emergency or outages. Standby power for defence.
  • Hybrid generators
  • Critical power solutions
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Fuel tanks
  • Fuel tank hire

We also offer bespoke generator maintenance packages to support your engineering department when they are servicing your incumbent power provider. We can also test your current power solution, ensuring efficiency and highlighting any potential issues.



We are proud to be the chosen power solutions provider for prestigious events around the UK. Our specialist experts have extensive experience working with the events industry, from huge music festivals to drive-in cinemas, so we have a strong understanding of the sector’s power requirements. Whether you are looking for efficient maintenancehired generators or a permanent power solution, you can rely on us.



We are proud to be trusted by healthcare facilities around the UK.

Our specialist in-house team are dedicated to delivering critical power solutions to hospitals, doctors surgeries and walk-in centres.

We can work directly with NHS Trusts or with third-party contractors and consultants. Our experts will manage your project from initial specification all the way to commissioning, making sure you always get the most cost effective, efficient solution.

Perhaps your newly refurbished facilities now have extra power and back-up power support needs, or it’s a new build project, if so, we can supply power infrastructure for facility extensions or new-build hospital construction projects, by either:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for hospitals
  • Hospital backup power systems and standby power system utilising both diesel and CHP generators


Having a critical power system installed on your site can be a daunting buying process to navigate, especially if it’s not your field of expertise. To give you confidence in their decision and enable them to be more informed when talking to our (or any) sales team, we have put together a number of useful resources which will help you on your journey.


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