110kVA Stage V Generators for Hire UK

At WBPS, we can supply 110kVA Stage V generators for hire. Suitable for stand-by and prime applications, our Stage V compliant range excels in performance whilst also setting the standard in ultra-low emissions. Incorporating the latest technologies and enhanced safety features, our Stage V generators stand out from the rest. Meeting the emission regulations rolled out in Europe, our Stage V range are cleaner burning and ultra-low in the emissions of particulate matter. Designed to be high-performing whilst limiting the release of harmful particles into the atmosphere, our range of Stage V generators offer a high degree of fuel efficiency and are better value than ever before. Leading the way in cleaner energy solutions and sustainability, our newest Stage V generators are also compact, easy to transport and provide easy access to mechanical parts for cleaning and maintenance. At WBPS, we are committed to assist in the fight against climate change and our Stage V range of generators offer technological advances that are a step forward in achieving a more sustainable future.

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