WB Power Services Ltd, through a third party broker, are able to offer flexible finance packages on your purchase diesel generator.


Many companies find it difficult to acquire generators, due to the large amount of capital expenditure, however, they also cannot afford to remain without them. When it comes to our selection of generators, we at WB Power Services provide many years of experience. We are pleased to announce that our third-party broker may be able to assist you in sourcing a generator finance funder, offering competitive rates of APR.

Finance terms are available through our licenced credit broker. Terms are for business users only (Limited Companies, LLP’s, PLC’s).  For more information or a bespoke quotation, please get in touch with us.

Model Cost Price Finance Period Repayments
K33 £9705.00 + VAT 60 £213.83
K66 £12347.00 + VAT 60 £267.71
J110 £13934.00 + VAT 60 £301.04

*Please ask for further details of our facilities.  Fees payable to the funder may be applicable. Funding is provided by Causon Business Finance – a credit brokerage authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Disclaimer: This is not an offer of facilities and cannot commit you or us.  The funder may withdraw or change any rates at their discretion.



Hire Purchase can be the appropriate choice for you if you’d like the chance to own the asset outright at the conclusion of your contract. With this offering, we buy the asset on your behalf and design a personalized payback schedule that works with your spending limits. You have the option to purchase ownership of the asset for a small charge at the conclusion of the predetermined term. The benefits include:

  • Simple and Uncomplicated Product – You create your own plans for upkeep, repairs, and servicing, and VAT is paid upfront
  • Tax Benefits – If you are VAT registered, you may be eligible to deduct repayment interest from profits in addition to reclaiming VAT and capital allowances
  • You get to decide how the finances are organized with a movable down payment, fixed or varying payments, and the choice of a balloon payment at the conclusion of the contract
  • Absolute ownership – At the conclusion of the agreement’s term, you have the option to purchase the asset
  • Seasonal compensation – Offered to the agricultural industry in order to adjust repayments to match seasonal income


Lease may be an alternative for you if you’d like to rent an asset without having the option to buy. We purchase the equipment for this product and rent it back to you on a monthly basis. The monthly rentals are computed and subject to payment of VAT. This lowers the initial expense. Benefits include:

  • Due to the fact that the VAT is spread out throughout the course of the contract, you can release capital
  • You can discharge capital since the VAT is divided up over the duration of the contract
  • Costs can be controlled, facilitating simple budgeting for equipment upkeep
  • Costs are manageable, enabling straightforward equipment maintenance budgeting