Our accredited Kohler generator courses, including control panels, help to develop skills within engineering.


Our WBPS Training Academy offers industry and power related training to employees wanting to take their knowledge and technical expertise to the next level.

Providers of critical power for over 40 years, we offer an excellent learning platform in which to deliver your next level training. All our course leaders are accredited within the industry and utilise their technical know-how and expertise to ensure you take away valuable know-how from the best in the business.

Our educational in-company programmes invite employees to learn something new as well as refresh on knowledge that will help benefit their day-to-day operations. With the power industry and its power systems continually evolving, it is crucial to keep up to date with advances in technology, whilst keeping our workforce current and empowered with changes as they happen.

Our advanced learning modules are created to provide you with the opportunities to hone knowledge, whilst enhancing technical skills set. From learning something new to improving on knowledge already obtained, our WBPS Training Academy has a variety of programmes available to help you achieve your goals.


Our Diesel Generator Training module offers an overview of the diesel generator, its working components and associated systems. In today’s climate, the generator remains a vital but complex piece of machinery. Providing a critical source of power to some of our most important businesses and organisations, it is imperative that our knowledge of a generator’s workings, including its components and advances in technologies are maintained. At WBPS, our Diesel Generator Training module is designed to build knowledge, whilst also acting as a refresh for those already working within the power sector. Our accredited programme is created for engineers, technicians and for those with a power generation background.


Our accredited Diesel Generator Training Module is designed to provide an overview of the operations and maintenance of a diesel generator. Starting with an introduction to the workings of a modern diesel generator and its associated parts, our modules will help build knowledge for new starters, whilst offering an ideal refresher for those wanting to improve their skill set. The course covers the various sizes and types of diesel generator, as well as a wide range of topics that will help with setup and maintenance.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Generator Operations
  • Generator Components
  • UPS
  • Excitation Systems
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Regulations and Safe Working Practices
  • Basic Generator Maintenance and Testing


Our Control Panel Training is designed to help individuals and those within the power and engineering sectors progress their learning. This module looks at machine functions and controls, including basic generator operating principles and the workings of the associated control panels. Designed to offer an understanding of a generator’s controls and its inner electrical components, students enrolling on this programme will learn to problem solve, as well as develop their technical understanding of a panel’s parameters. Those undertaking this module will also learn about control panel safety, identifying danger areas and the importance of using a generating system effectively but safely. This Generator Control Panel module will provide an invaluable resource for those wanting to develop their engineering skills and would suit those with a power generation background.


Our accredited Control Panel Training provides an invaluable resource for those wanting to further their engineering and technical expertise.

Earning a greater technical understanding of the complexities of the control panel, this course is aimed at those wanting to develop their skills and extend their knowledge of this area. An overview of this course includes:

  • Control Panels Parameters
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Fault finding and Repairs
  • Control Panel Safety


At WBPS our CPD engineering training opportunities are verified by several industrial bodies within the sector.