Welder Generators For Sale UK

A welder generator creates power for welding appliances without the reliance on the mains. Working similar to a regular generator, this type of generator incorporates a diesel engine and is ideal when the mains power is non-existent or unreliable in its supply. A welder generator has the advantage of being used as a stand-alone appliance, which may suit some business structures that also rely on a generator other than welding. Without the need for two separate machines, a welder generator saves space, money and can be used for emergency power too. When choosing the right welding generator for your business, it is important to ensure the generator is powerful enough for your welding appliances. Understanding your welding machine and how many amps it offers, will ensure you choose the correct generator for your application. Offering a greater degree of durability and reliability, our range of welder generators are designed to withstand industrial environments and demanding loads.