Open Generators For Sale UK

At WBPS, we can supply Kohler-SDMO open generators, which are manufactured without an enclosure and are ideally suited within industrial plant room environments. An open generator is designed without a fitted canopy so that its internal components are exposed. Along with being a cost-effective option for many industries, an open generator also offers easy access for maintenance and, in the correct environment, will ensure even ventilation too. All our open generators are easy to install and allow essential access for maintenance when required. At WBPS we can help you choose the right generator for your environment. With our technical experts and installation team on hand, you can be sure you are in the best of hands. All our generators can also be supplied as part of a package. Along with flexible bespoke solutions, our specialist generating sets can also incorporate acoustic enclosures, fuel tanks, duct work and exhaust flues and changeover panels. To find out more about our open generating sets for sale, or to discuss your requirements with our team of experts, get in touch today.

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