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Generator commissioning is the process of bringing a generator online and making sure that it is operating correctly. This process can sometimes be complex, involving mechanical equipment, fuel and storage tanks and civil works. It is crucial to work with a professional team to ensure that the process is carried out correctly and safely. The first step is to install the generator and all of its associated equipment. This includes the generator itself, the transmission and distribution lines, the switchgear, and any other necessary equipment.

Once installed, the next step is to test it to ensure that it is generating electricity correctly. This testing can be done using a variety of methods, including load testing, thermal imaging, and vibrational analysis. We also often test sound attenuation and fuel efficiency. Once the generator has been tested and found to be operating correctly, it can then be put into service. Generator commissioning is a critical process for ensuring that a generator is running correctly and safely. It is important to work with a qualified generator company to ensure that the commissioning process is done properly.

As well as working through our in-house developed testing checklist, we’ll also be using our unbeatable experience to look for the non-obvious faults and potential problem areas that others may miss.


Load testing is a key part of the testing and commissioning process. It involves running the generator at full power for a period of time to see how it performs under stress. It can help to identify any potential issues with the generator’s components or operation. In addition, load testing can also help to improve the generator’s overall efficiency.

Other testing methods can be employed where relevant. These include no-load testing, which tests the generator’s performance while it is not under any load, and efficiency testing, which measures the generator’s output relative to its fuel consumption. By understanding these different types of generator testing, you can ensure that your generator is always operating at its best. Read more about load bank testing.


Handover is the process of transferring responsibility for a generator from WBPS to the client. It happens after commissioning when a generator is sold, leased, or rented.

In the handover, all relevant information about the generator is passed on to the new owner or operator. This includes information such as the operating instructions, maintenance history, safety parameters, fault finding and troubleshooting.

At WB Power Services we are committed to providing support to our clients even long after the commissioning and handover process has been completed. It’s our mission to ensure that our generators operate with the utmost safety and reliability.


WB Power Services is a family business dating back to 1983. Since that time, we have built up unrivalled experience and knowledge of the power industry in the UK. We have worked on projects in multiple sectors, including events, education and healthcare, hospitals, military and defence, data centres, telecoms, and construction and civil engineering. We put this experience to use in every single project we deliver.

With a total commitment to health and safety, we understand that the commissioning process is the optimum time to identify and resolve any problems with your generator. Ultimately our goal is to ensure complete customer success and by ensuring that your generator is installed and properly tested, we can provide you with confidence that your equipment is in top working condition from the outset.

Our commitment doesn’t stop after your generator is handed over though – we also provide comprehensive maintenance and support, including 24/7 emergency callout support and remote monitoring, in order to keep your generator working at peak efficiency at all times.




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