High Voltage (HV) Generators For Sale UK

A HV generator or a high-voltage generator can range from 1,000 VAC to a limitless power/output and is a powerful diesel source. Ideal for providing a high source of electrical power in prime, standby and continuous modes, a HV generator lends itself to large-scale operations such as construction and sites looking for a back-up solution. One of the major benefits to installing a HV generator into your business operations is the reduction in power wastage. In lower voltage generators, power loss is quite considerable during transmission, however, a higher voltage generator reduces this waste over time. Designed to use power more effectively and efficiently, a HV generator will have a greater upfront cost, but will work to drastically reduce your power wastage by up to 70% compared to that of a lower voltage generator. At WBPS we can supply high-quality, high-performing HV generators. To find out more about how they can be used to benefit your organisation, speak to one of our experts today.

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