Power You Can Trust

WB Power Services has announced the launch of a new plug and play standby power facility to support the growing needs of the Data Centre industry.

Designed by WB Power Services at its own facility, the Data Centre E-Pod is a modular, site bespoke package, providing a generating set and fuel system, mains transformer, switch gear and UPS. It has the advantage of being containerised and has a unique site infrastructure which can be tailored to a specific brief and project requirements.

Building on the company’s vast experience in the standby power and data centre markets, the package can be tweaked according to the client requirements and design brief, incorporating preferred products as per any pre-determined specs. Truly bespoke, it promotes reduced lead times with the design, procurement, packaging, installation, and commissioning implemented under just one contractor.

Commenting on the new solution, WB Power Services managing director Andrew Willmott said: “We have been able to draw on our insights in the Data Centre sector to create a backup power facility that is a real game changer. We know that no solution is perfect for every project, so using our design capabilities and project management expertise, we have developed a plug and play solution that can be adjusted according to individual requirements.

“Using Kohler generating sets and a fuel system that has 48-hour capability, we have added a power pod that includes tripping batteries and USP that can manage internal essential services. Add to that health and safety requirements, a gantry system and commissioning, we will also maintain and service each installation as required. We are focused on building our Data Centre offer this year, and the launch of the Power-E cements out commitment to the sector.”

Detailed breakdown of the Data Centre E-Pod are as follows:

POD configuration overview

  • Kohler KD3500 3500kVA / 2800kW 400V 50Hz DCC rated generating set
  • Generator housed in a 65dBA @1m FFC container complete with
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system
  • A 48-hour capacity Fuel System comprising:
    • 35,000l (useable) bunded structural belly tank
    • End mounted fuel fill point cabinet
  • MV/LV Power POD 14m x 4.0m x 4.0m which includes:
    • 11kV Ring Main Unit Ringmaster
    • 11kV/415V Cast Resin Transformer
    • Main LV Switchboard
    • Manual Transfer Switchboards
    • Tripping Batteries
  • UPS power pod which includes:
    • 1200kW UPS and 10min (end of life) VRLA Batteries
    • 30kVA / 15kVA Static UPS & Batteries
    • POD CRAC Units to flange ends mounted on the POD wall
    • Static Transfer switch for power management of internal essential services
  • Fire suppression
  • Gantry system
  • Power POD Busbar Trunking to cable connection boxes on the POD wall
  • Electrical Fit out of the POD
  • POD Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm to match site requirements
  • Access steps
  • Full site installation
  • Commissioning and SAT


General Features of the Data Centre E-POD System

To ensure quality and consistency of production, each container is constructed throughout by utilising standard rolled steel sections. Other features include:

  • Design and construction generally in accordance with relevant EuroCodes
  • Each of the structural member joints and abutments are fully welded
  • Structure Welds associated directly with lift points to be non-destructive tested (NDT) using a Magnetic Particle Inspection method
  • Wall construction is a rolled section structural framework made from Zintec cladded sheets with sandwiching mineral wool thermal insulation. The internal skin (1.6mm) and external skin (2mm) sheets are stitch welded and mastic sealed. This will give a nominally flat external wall appearance
  • Roof construction will comprise rolled section structural framework, with internal and external Zintec/mild steel cladding sheets sandwiched with mineral wool thermal insulation
  • Containers will have a shallow sloped roof to discourage rainwater ponding on the roof
  • Internal floors to be 5-6mm thick steel plate welded to floor beams at regular intervals
  • The under-floor area to be under-drawn with 1.8mm Zintec steel sheet welded and sealed in position to retain the under floor mineral wool insulation. (100mm Thick)
  • Each POD is split into rooms internally by 50mm thick partition wall comprising Zintec sheets, stitch welded and mastic sealed, sandwiched with mineral wool insulation
  • Access doors
  • Fire Suppression
  • All external fixings to be stainless steel and anti-vandal, e.g., snake eye screws or similar
  • Paint Finish: module exterior walls and roof painted in Bradgate 2 pack acrylic paint system to give a durability of high (15 years) in a C3 environment to ISO12944. External finish to a BS / RAL colour of customers choice. Internal finish is our standard white. Internal floor painted in black floor paint with the under-base painted in a bitumen-based underseal

Customising the standby power solution

The WB Power Services in-house design team can facilitate specific customer needs and requirements. From project conception, the team will work in partnership with client design team, offering full electrical and mechanical design support to ensure each requirement is catered for.

Factory Acceptance Testing

Each element of the equipment will be fully tested prior to leaving the manufacturers plant, with pre-commissioning taking place prior to despatch from  WB Power Services packaging facility. Full FAT testing of each package element of the three pods if offered, with the scope and duration tailored to meet specific client specification. 

Site Management and Installation

From the outset of the project, a WB Power Services Construction Manager is appointed along with a Project Manager, who will coordinate any design elements, working alongside all key stakeholders on site right through until the project completion.

WB Power Services will undertake the installation of Preedcrete busbar within the LV POD during manufacture and complete the interconnecting elements once on-site for the installation.

The busbar would be taken to the end of the POD and enclosed in a suitable rated enclosure external to the main POD. This is to allow the busbar running into the building to be installed without entry into the main POD, as previously done on phase 1.


During the construction and installation phases, the WB Power Services project delivery team will ensure the finalising of the commissioning plan and programme. Once both the mechanical and electrical installations have been completed, the commission and test all aspects of the installation are carried out.  This will culminate in a full site acceptance test (SAT) including load testing fully coordinated with all other services providers working on the project.

Through Life Maintenance

With six fully operational depots and over 80 field-based engineers located across the UK, WB Power Services are uniquely placed to offer a full and comprehensive preventative maintenance, plus four-hour emergency response to any client site. The WB E-POD packages contain a wide range of electrical equipment provided by long-standing specialist partners to provide all necessary specialist maintenance and emergency support on unique products. WB Power Services also offers a seamless maintenance and support package on all equipment provided.