Power You Can Trust

Industries using gas and CHP generators can now look towards a more sustainable future thanks to a new partnership between the UK’s leading critical power provider WB Power Services and 2G Energy.

2G Energy is a world leading renewable critical power solution provider, providing generators utilising natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and propane. The agreement with WB Power Services means that industries in which gas and CHP generators are the preferred method of critical power, can now meet the pressing requirements of having sustainable energy solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, WB Power Services managing director Andrew Willmott commented: “The industry is rapidly moving towards more sustainable critical power solutions and as such we have been looking for a manufacturer to partner with for some time. Our goal is to be the go-to suppler of a greener solution for industries in which gas & CHP generators are the preferred method of critical power.

“WB Power Services is a trusted supplier across a range of sectors, and this new introduction to our generator range will ensure healthcare and utilities businesses in particular can deliver more sustainable energy. They will benefit from increased energy efficiency resulting in lower costs – something that is key to building profitability. The quality of the 2G generators is outstanding and we are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with an industry leading manufacturer.”

By supplying the gas and CHP generators from 2G Energy, WB Power Services will increase its market presence in the utility and healthcare sectors, opening up new opportunities to drive growth with these two segments. 2G Energy’s generators provide industry-leading renewable critical power solutions for customers, helping support long-term sustainability and increasing energy efficiency, which will greatly reduce costs for customers.

The 2G Energy range of CHP and gas generators from WB Power Services will be introduced to the market in early May, following a detailed training programme. To support the rollout, 2G Energy will be showcasing the range to WB Power Services customers on Monday 21st May. Its hydrogen CHP solution will be presented to customers on its ‘UK Hydrogen Tour’ which will involve demonstrating a 100% hydrogen CHP on a lorry which would facilitate presentations, the chance for any questions to be answered and product demos.

This will be particularly applicable to the waste water industry due to its focus on net zero. WWTP have space to apply electrolysers (in combination with elements such as PV and wind) which are generating hydrogen and oxygen. WWTP could reduce energy consumption by using that oxygen by 20+%. The hydrogen could be turned into zero carbon power and heat to support the sites zero carbon agenda while using the biogas available in addition.


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