Continuous Generators for Hire UK

At WBPS, we can supply industry leading Kohler-SDMO continuous generators for businesses and organisations that are looking for a continuous power supply that the grid alone cannot alone supply. Ideally suited for powering equipment over longer periods, the difference between our continuous generators in comparison to its prime version is that continuous power is defined as unlimited hours at a constant load rather than variable. At WBPS, we can supply continuous generators on a short lead time and at a competitive price. Manufactured in Europe using the highest quality engine components and parts, our Kohler-SDMO diesel generator range are high performing, fuel efficient and super reliable. All our generators can also be supplied as part of a package. Along with flexible bespoke solutions, our specialist generating sets can also incorporate acoustic enclosures, fuel tanks, duct work and exhaust flues and changeover panels. To find out more about our continuous generating sets for hire, or to discuss your requirements with our team of experts, get in touch today.

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