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UPS Commissioning Services UK

At WBPS we provide expert UPS installation, commissioning and handover services to businesses throughout the UK.

UPS systems are a critical part of many businesses’ power infrastructure. They prevent total power outage in power-critical environments such as hospitals, data centres, educational establishments and businesses. Even small power fluctuations can damage sensitive digital equipment. Any UPS commissioning requires attention to detail and an understanding of your business to make the system successful in the long term. Our expertise in UPS commissioning packages means we are unrivalled in providing continual and constant power for our clients.

Not only are our UPS commissioning packages completed to the highest standard and with minimum downtime, we can also provide you with:

Telecomms sector


What is UPS commissioning?

The commissioning stage of a UPS project involves bringing the system online following installation. In involves initial testing of the hardware and software, load testing, signoff and handover and any appropriate training. 

Why WBPS for UPS?

WB Power Services were founded in 1983. As a family business, over the decades we have been at the forefront of the UPS industry, even designing and marketing our own bespoke UPS systems. Due to our experience in this complex market, we have built up an unparalleled reputation for UPS design, installation and commissioning as well as ongoing supplementary services such as monitoring, maintenance, emergency response and repair. 

UPS commissioning in data centres

The UK data centre market is growing rapidly. There are thought to be between 450 and 500 data centres in the UK already, and this number is increasing all the time.

These centres rely on UPS systems to provide backup power in case of mains power outages or failures. Without this backup power data centres would be exposed to risk of data loss and extreme disruption to customers. The commissioning part of any UPS project is a key part of its success. A properly installed, tested and signed-off UPS system is required to fulfil SLAs and uptime agreements. 

UPS generator maintenance contracts for data centres UK
Telecommunication systems


Like the data industry, the UK’s telecoms industry is a key part of the nation’s infrastructure and is with over £31 billion annually. UPS systems are a key part of the service provision, ensuring that digital equipment and data is kept online 24/7/365. Downtime in telecomms services can lead to extreme financial disruption and inconvenience for customers.

To fulfil the requirements of a properly installed UPS system, the commissioning process must test the UPS at load, and ensure it can provide power when needed.


Schools, colleges and universities rely ever more strongly on permanent data availability and computing power. As such, UPS systems are installed in almost all higher education establishments. With expert commissioning, the UPS can be up and running quickly and with the minimum of disruption to IT services. 

Load bank testing for education, colleges and universities


From the initial consultation all the way through to commissioning and ongoing maintenance, we will take care of everything. Our specialist team of consultants, engineers and project managers can expertly manage your project from specification to delivery (and everything in between). It means no matter the complexity, or where you are in the UK, we can plan, coordinate, deliver and hand over the keys to you at the end.