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WBPS provide expert remote monitoring services for diesel generator installations throughout the UK. Find out more.

What is remote monitoring?

WB Power Services Ltd have been providing generator remote monitoring systems for many years. As a family business, founded in 1983, we have experience and knowledge of many industry sectors and use-cases. Your generator is a crucial part of the delivery of your services. With remote monitoring, you can be assured that all aspects of your generator sets are observed around the clock, and any faults arising can be quickly addressed.

Our philosophy is that through diligent monitoring of your generator, problems can be prevented and addressed before they reach the stage of an engineer needing to attend the site, and long before a power outage may occur. Remote monitoring is part of our generator maintenance service and helps to fulfil our overall commitment keeping your power reliably flowing whenever you need it.

A generator remote monitoring system can provide a number of benefits for businesses and organisations that rely on generators for power or emergency backup power. By continually monitoring many critical parts of the generator, the monitoring system can detect any faults and send out alerts. This allows us to address any problems before they cause a power outage. The system can provide data on the generators’ performance, allowing you to optimize your use of the generators, saving money and reducing your environmental impact by running at optimal efficiency.


A 24/7 365 SERVICE

Remote monitoring is a 24/7/365 service and can be added to our generator maintenance packages. Should a generator fault occur that cannot be corrected remotely, a WBPS engineer can attend on-site. These controls can seamlessly monitor the following things:

  • Fuel & Coolant Levels
  • Oil Levels & Pressure
  • Operating Temperature
  • Battery Status
  • Power Output
Generator Remote Monitoring


In today’s switched-on medical world, generators are essential for keeping hospitals and clinics up and running. However, generators represent a significant cost and the expertise to keep them running at peak efficiency is not always easy to find.

Downtime can cause significant disruptions in care. That’s where generator remote monitoring services come in. By providing around-the-clock monitoring of generators, these services can help to ensure that hospitals and clinics always have the power they need. We can help to identify potential problems before they cause disruptions to frontline care services or to backline systems. As a result, generator remote monitoring services are a key tool for ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of healthcare.

UPS generator maintenance contracts for hospitals and healthcare UK
UPS generator maintenance contracts for data centres UK

Data centres

Ensuring that generators are functioning properly is critical for data centres and server rooms. Remote monitoring helps to take the guesswork out of maintenance by providing real-time data on the performance of generators.

This information can be used to troubleshoot problems, schedule maintenance, and predict future needs.

In addition, remote monitoring can provide valuable insights into the overall efficiency of a data centre. By understanding how generators are being used, data centres can make changes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The bottom line is that remote monitoring is an essential tool for data centre managers who want to keep their generators running smoothly.

Industrial and commercial

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, manufacturers and industrial facilities can’t afford to have their operations disrupted by unplanned downtime. That’s where generator remote monitoring services come in. Using multiple sensors and other technology to remotely monitor the vital signs of your generator sets, manufacturers can quickly identify problems and take corrective action to keep their operations running smoothly.

In many cases, remote monitoring can even be used to prevent downtime by predicting when a generator is likely to fail and scheduling maintenance before the problem arises. As a result, generator remote monitoring services are an essential part of keeping industrial operations up and running.

Industrial and commercial diesel generator remote monitoring
Diesel generator remote monitoring for construction and building sites UK


Generators are a vital part of construction projects, providing the power needed to operate tools and equipment. However, they can be challenging to maintain, especially on large and complex building sites with wide ranging power demands.

By connecting generators to a remote monitoring system, construction managers can track their performance and ensure that they are operating properly. This can help to avoid downtime and keep construction projects on schedule.

Remote monitoring can provide valuable data that can be used to improve generator performance over time. Its an essential tool for construction managers looking to get the most out of their generators.

What can you expect from our services?

Whatever your requirements, we can implement a remote monitoring package into your current business process with minimal disruption to the daily running of your site. It means throughout the project, you can expect:

  • One expert team with a single point of contact
  • A process managed by specialists
  • A streamlined, transparent process from start to finish in the event of an emergency or breakdown
  • Real time reporting on the status of your hired generators
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