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Emergency Diesel Generator Services

Remote Monitoring and Support

Emergency diesel generator response services throughout the UK. Contact the expert team at WBPS today.

Utilising a bespoke online system, our service department can remotely monitor the condition of your generator set and link this information direct to the team of service engineers. This enables discovery and rectification of many issues before they cause problems – ensuring the generator remains in peak condition.

With supply agreements secured with a wide range of international generator manufacturers, you can be confident of receiving a tailored package to both the business and a budget.

Why emergency response?

As a generator owner, it’s vital to have a plan in place in case of an unexpected breakdown. Your generator is a mission-critical piece of equipment, and if it fails, the resulting loss of power (or backup power) could be extremely disruptive.

With diesel generator emergency response services from WBPS, you can rest assured that our expert team will be available to help you resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

In the event of a generator failure, the first step is to call out the emergency response team. They will assess the situation and take appropriate action to get your generator up and running again. If necessary the team will provide a temporary solution until a more permanent fix can be put in place.

Regardless of the situation, having emergency response services on hand will ensure that you’re never left without power for long.

Load bank testing

Why do generators fail?

Generators are complex machines, and like all machines, they are subject to breakdowns and failures. There are many reasons why a generator might break down, but some of the most common causes include generator overload, poor maintenance, and faulty parts.

Generator overload occurs when the generator is asked to produce more power than it was designed for. This can happen if the generator is old and its capacity has diminished, or if the load being placed on it is unexpectedly high.

Poor maintenance can also lead to generator breakdowns. If a generator is not regularly serviced and maintained, its parts will eventually begin to wear out, causing the generator to fail.

Faulty parts can also cause generator breakdowns. Even if a generator is well-maintained, it can still break down if one of its parts is defective or damaged. 


As a full-service power provision company, we’re committed to ensuring that your generators are working in peak condition at all times. This is especially important in the case of backup generators. 

As a family business founded in 1983, WBPS have built the experience and knowledge of the UK generator market that’s needed to keep the power flowing to your business or project. 

We are the largest authorised distributor of Kohler-SDMO generators in Europe, and have a unique knowledge of this brand. 

Use cases

Here are some typical use cases for generator emergency response.

Hospitals and healthcare

All healthcare providers must establish a plan for power failure.  The safety of patients and staff is paramount and power outages can put this at risk.

This includes emergency  generator response provision. With a response plan from WBPS in place our remote monitoring services will detect most problems before they become serious enough to warrant a callout, but should on-site response be necessary our emergency response provision will be there. 

Prince Charles Hospital
UPS generator maintenance contracts for data centres UK

Data centres

Continual power is of critical important in data centres and server rooms. Power outages are handled by backup generators and UPS equipment. But backup power is only useful if it can respond when needed. 

Emergency response is an essential service that can help to minimize the impact of a generator breakdown or failure. By providing a rapid response to generator problems, we can help to avoid costly downtime and ensure that data centres can continue to operate smoothly.

The service can provide peace of mind for businesses by knowing that there is someone on hand to help if problems do occur. 

Construction and building

Construction projects are by their nature temporary, but still require power on hand to get the job done. Power outages cause delays, budget overrun and frustration. 

If your project relies on generator power then an emergency response plan from WBPS can ensure that should your generator fail for any reason, it won’t be long before it is up and running again. 

With vast experience in the UK construction sector, WBPS are well-placed to provide emergency power support to Britain’s construction projects. 

Diesel generator remote monitoring for construction and building sites UK